About Us




Husband and wife team Martin and Janice are the founders of MandJWoodcrafts say somthing speciac with oak. Even today they work together on virtually every project to bring their specific skills to every hand-made, personalised oak gifts


Martin is the technical genius who has created the techniques and equipment that makes MandJWoodcrafts woodwork so special. Not only did he build his own CNC machine, he designed a steamer to that is used to create our stunning handmade shaker boxes - not just a beautiful wooden object and a perfect gift, but a craft item that will become a treasured possession for generations to come.


Janice helps with the personaliseing of our individually handmade wooden gifts. Her skills with  design are called upon to create wood gifts that are unique and commemorate special occasions or just to add a personal touch to uor oak producs 


Based in Yorkshire , MandJWoodcrafts calls upon a long history of native woodworking. North Ferriby, where our workshop is found, is the site of the earliest sewn plank boats outside Egypt. Dating back to the Bronze age, the Ferriby boats are the earliest known boats found in Europe and point to a heritage of working with wood that we continue to the present day.


Craft Fair wooden gifts

Our local roots are important to us, and our work is often to be seen at craft fairs or if you see us out and about come and say hello!


Commission your own wooden gift

If you have an idea for a truly unique gift oak please get in touch … we love to create one off oak and outher hard wood objects and one of our favourite activities is to work with customers to make them something special in hard wood.