Shaker boxes

In 1774 a religious group known as the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing left England for America – this group is better known to us as the Shakers and they settled in New England, USA.  They needed to devise a system, initially for food storage, and the shaker box was born.  These are made from steaming wood veneers into oval shapes with a distinctive figure joining and copper tacks which produced a very strong and durable box.  These come in all sizes with or without lids.  The tops and bottoms are assembled with wooden or copper pins and no glue is used on these boxes at all.  I source the copper tacks direct from America, in fact they are produced on one of the original machines. 

We ourselves make a selection of shaker boxes; lined and unlined, jewellery boxes, sewing boxes, fixed or swing handled boxes (baskets) and trays.

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