Decorated hearts (Queen of Hearts)

Our decorated hearts come in three sizes:  large (150mm approx), medium (100mm approx), small (80mm approx).  Plaque sizes: large (150mm approx), medium (100mm approx). All are painted in Valspar Dairy Belle, which is a cream colour.  All can be personalised but please bear in mind there are space restrictions.  We are happy to create hearts or plaques with your own message but please double check the wording and spellings as we cannot be held responsible for any mistakes  on your part.  We have various embellishments so let us know what colour you would like and if you would like buttons, flowers, hearts etc. or if there is a particular theme you have in mind.  Once the wording has been added to the heart/plaque I can then position some of the embellishments and take a photograph and e-mail it for your approval.


QUEEN OF HEARTS - please see our Facebook page "Queen of Hearts"